With the recent reveal of the two new Playstation consoles, it was only a matter of time before someone plunged in for it’s first limited edition. Limited edition consoles have always been the epitome of fan service. And when it comes to fan service, The Final Fantasy franchise is a prime example, with spin-off movies, animes, comics and what not, they have striven to provide closure and intimate merchandise to their loyal fan base.

The PlayStation 4 is yet to take Japan by storm(according to recent NPD reports, sales have suffered in the country), but that might be changing with the release of the latest Final Fantasy title, given the franchise has a majestic fan following in asian countries and any association with the title may prove lucrative for sony.

And just as you’d expect, Final Fantasy XV happens to be releasing later this year(November), and Sony just pulled the curtains off of a limited edition PlayStation 4 (PS4 slim) to tie right into the game’s release. This would be the first limited edition variant of the new PS4 until now.

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It’s been named the “Luna Edition,” because pretty much anything Final Fantasy can’t go without being called something like that. The limited edition system will be released for the stated price of 39,980 yen (about $393 or approx Rs. 26300) by November 29th, the same day as the launch of Final Fantasy XV. The package will include the game, a rental of the spin-off CG movie Kingsglaive, and an original PS4 system theme.

Of course, they couldn’t afford to miss the opportunity to throw in their handheld system, the PS Vita into the mix. And it would make sense because the PS Vita mysteriously remains somewhat alive in Japan. Sony announced a couple of new colors for the Vita while they were at it as well. Japan will be recieving the Metallic Red and Silver variants by December 1st, this year.

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