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Health and wellness startup Poshtick secures $450k to introduce a healthier alternative lifestyle in India

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Today, the increased competition, taxing work hours, and the stress that comes along with it ends up with you having a terrible appetite and health. But, a New Delhi-based startup Poshtick is out to change your eating habits and has also secured a hefty sum of funds to accomplish the task at hand.

Poshtick, a health and wellness startup, has raised $450,000 from two high net-worth investors(HNIs) namely Bhavya Sharma and Amit Nagar. The company plans to utilize the influx of funds primarily for product development, enhancing human resources capabilities and setting up an effective supply chain mechanism.

Commenting on the funding, angel investor Bhavya Sharma, said,

People including myself are now increasingly health conscious, but it’s extremely difficult for them to find healthy mid-meal snacking options. The size for health & wellness industry is 22,500 Crore , and when we found Poshtick’s founders making a mark in this industry, we decided to back them.

Well, to understand how Poshtick will actually help us in improving our eating habits and lifestyle, lets backtrack to the ideation of the company. The story begins with co-founder Pranav Sharma, a 23-year old DU graduate, working at a consultancy firm realizing the fact that he had gained a lot of weight due to shortage of time and his sedentary lifestyle. Thus, he joined a gym to get rid of the excess weight and get back in shape.

But during his time at the gym workouts, he discovered that diets played a much important role in weight management than just lifting weights. He found that one’s health is determined by 80 per cent of what he eats, and only a meager 20 per cent accounts for the gym workouts. He also realized that there was a genuine lack of availability of healthy as well as tasty food in the market.

He then contacted his nutrition junkie friend, and co-founder Kritik Thakur to discuss upon the lack of awareness about nutrition and its products among individuals. This led to them coming together to try and build something ‘Poshtick’ that would people stay healthy by adopting simple means.

Continuing about the same and telling us more about the products, CEO Pranav Sharma says,

Poshtick intends to be a one-stop shop for all ‘Health and Wellness’ needs. Our Aim is to create pocket-friendly healthy snack options and make them accessible and available for the masses . Also, we are giving a lot of emphasis on consumer education and want to create a community of educated consumers.

So, the two are currently working on developing an end-to-end ‘healthy’ solution for the crowd who is busy with their office lives and doesn’t have time to workout. This range of product, they believe, will be the perfect combination between taste and health. They’re currently working with nutrition experts, chefs and some of their innovations can be expected to be one-of-a-kind and absolutely new for Indian masses.

It is planning to launch its first product ‘The Finge Box’, a combination of fitness and binge, which is a calorie and portion defined mid-meal snacking solution.

The company has already started building an online presence alongside a mobile app that will be launched early next year. It is also planning to go ahead and establish a retail presence in metro cities like Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

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