Dealing with insights is, in more ways than one, a chore. Google is now looking to make this whole affair a lot more user-friendly. The company announced today that its iOS and Android analytics apps will get automatically generated data insights.

The new capability, in short, allows users to gain a plain-English insights approach within Google. It will allow businesses and users to figure out exactly what is going on, how to approach their ventures in the future and what they can expect. in a lot less time than before. The data will now be presented to the user in a quick-read card format. This means you’ll have all the data you need at your disposal (and none of the unimportant information).

Available on the Assistant screen, this addition to Google Analytics lets you see in 5 minutes what might have taken hours to discover previously. Even better: it gets smarter over time as it learns about your business and your needs. It’s available now in our mobile app on Android and iOS, so you can easily grab insights on the go,

writes Ajay Nainani, Product Manager, Google Analytics in a blog post announcing this new development.

Google says that the solution makes analytics data universally accessible and useful. This is achieved through various built-in perks. The service automatically runs through your data and gives you meaningful insights and recommendations. It also offers quick tips on how to improve your Google Analytics data. You can share all these insights with your whole team, if you choose to, directly from the new service.


Additional, the service is based on Google machine intelligence meaning it can learn what matters to you and get you that with increased usage.

Cleaning out all the numbers that make no sense at all, the new stream of automated insights in the Google Analytics mobile app give you data in a language that you can make sense of. The service is currently available on Google’s mobile app on Android and iOS. The tech giant says that it is working to bring this functionality to the web version of Google Analytics and to expand to other languages at a later date.

According to Google, this service can be employed by larger companies that have a data analyst or team of analysts to “scale up.” Smaller enterprises, on the other hand, it would bring cause a direct impact by allowing them to enjoy a similar analytics experience.

As an example of how the service works, the blog post reads:

For example, the holiday season drives a huge portion of annual sales for many retailers. During this busy time of the year, retailers face questions that can be the difference between making their numbers for the year or falling short: Which products are going to be popular this season? Where should we advertise? How are our customers hearing about us and purchasing from us? Answering just one of these questions and acting on that information can take analysts and marketers hours or even days.

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