One of the most recognized smartwatch makers, Pebble is today rolling out an update to its firmware making the devices more user-friendly. The update brings in tweaks and new features for both users and developers alike.

To start off the feature count, the Timeline on Pebble OS has been completely revamped. Before now, you had to go through a couple of taps in order to look at the next thing on your schedule. Now, however, the watch-face will be utilised to its best allowing for a better at-a-glance experience. Users will now be greeted with their upcoming tasks directly on the main watch-face.

If you’ve used a Pebble before, you’ll know how hard navigation through the system becomes sometimes. Just to open your mail, you have to go through unnecessary menus and sub-menus. The company is now simplifying this by introducing App Glances. This is a feature that gives users a quick look at info from their apps without actually requiring them to be open.

You can even use the hardware buttons around your device to open four different apps assigned to each physical button. Working with email on iOS has also been simplified. You can now reply, delete and archive mail from Gmail accounts using the Gmail, Inbox and Mail apps quite simply.

Moving onto the Health app, this part of the firmware has been rebuilt from scratch. The UI is simpler than ever making it easier on the eyes. Also, to know your step and sleep performance, you can jump right to this app by pressing/swiping up on your watch-face. You can also press right to dive deeper, take a closer look and compare your each activity with typical performance from the past week.

Developers can now play around with the Javascript playground Rocky.js, too.

The new Pebbles, the Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2 are expected to hit the market soon, but this isn’t stopping the smart-wear maker from upgrading its user experience among existing users. The updates are now available for free for both Android and iOS users.

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