Are you an entrepreneur looking for ideas to scale up your business? Well, one of the successful initiatives with the aim to guide you on this is round the corner. The Talk, is a platform with the idea of finding solutions on critical issues through conversation.

This time, it is being organised in Hyderabad that invites key leaders, experts & stakeholders from business fraternity for ScaleUp Summit of SME and Startups. Scheduled on 26th August at The Westin, Hyderabad, it is a platform across genres and formats to express fresh thoughts and ideas in shaping up a new perspective on any issue that we are constantly searching for right answers.

In the overall conversations of Leadership Challenges, The Talk will have a special theme – Innovation As Strategy In Scaling Up. It is being promoted by Softprints Media Ventures and managed by experienced professionals across advertising, marketing, media, consulting & training.

The event will be a knowledge sharing space with a panel of domain experts. Some of the renowned speakers coming for the event include Mahesh Murthy (Founder, Pinstorm & Seedfund), Anisha Motwani (Advisor, Max Group & World Bank), Venkatesh Vijaya raghavan (Bharti Airtel, Andhra Pradesh & Telangana), Jayesh Ranjan (Secretary, Dept. of IT, Govt of Telangana), Ranjan Malik (Innovation Specialist, Speaker & Writer).

After a lot of study and interaction with SMEs & startups, The Talk found that scaling up is the most challenging task for the entrepreneurs and growth is stagnant beyond a certain level. Many companies with the potential to grow as corporations are getting struck due to multiple issues. Growth is the major goal of the working individuals with small enterprises trying to grow into big corporates. And hence, this platform aims to find a new perspective to this critical issue through a conversation and possible solutions from experts.

Watch out this space for more exclusive updates of The Talk!


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