If you’re a keen follower of startups, you’ll know quite well that CrunchBase has become the go-to service for the latest and best developments. The website that was launched alongside TechCrunch is now one of the leading platforms to discover and learn about leading companies. Taking it all another step further, the company announced today that it is releasing its first ever iOS app.

While news apps aren’t on most people’s ‘Need to have apps’ list, CrunchBase could make a dent on this front. The platform offers exclusive information and an extensive database that is hard to match. This, alongside its quick updates on companies, acquisitions, investors, funding rounds and business news, could just be enough to make people download the app.

We’re excited to make our platform available on mobile. Now our users have the fastest way to search for innovative companies and leaders, read the CrunchBase Daily, and see what’s trending right at their fingertips,”

said CrunchBase CEO Jager McConnell.

“This is an important step in CrunchBase’s broader corporate journey as we continue to democratize access to key business information and enrich the marketplace with data-driven insights.

CrunchBase is currently home to over 25 million users, many of whom are investors, executives and other professionals. While the website is very intuitive, an app that can be used on-the-go could surely change the game for these set of people.

So, what’s so special about the new app, you might ask. The app allows users to  search for innovative companies, people and investors, as already mentioned. It will enable you to research detailed information about companies, funding, investors and leaders. Additionally, you can read the CrunchBase Daily to learn about the latest news in the tech industry. And a lot more.

To get this app on your i-Device, just head over to the App Store and download it for free.

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