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A couple of weeks ago, we saw Twitter roll out night mode support for its Android app. The company announced today that its iOS app users will now get to enjoy the perks of this mode, too.

Traditionally, Twitter’s app layout consists of a bright background with dark text. Night mode, as the name suggests, inverts these properties to reduce the strain on your eyes when you are using the app in a dark environment.

To enable night mode, just tap the gear icon from the Me tab. Then tap Turn on night mode to turn the feature on. To disable it, follow the same procedure.

If you didn’t already know, the iPhone has a built-in universal night mode feature. This works on almost all apps and services. But guess Twitter wanted to try its own hand at this.

The company tweeted:

Rolling out today – we’re bringing night mode to iOS! ?https://support.twitter.com/articles/20169500#night-mode pic.twitter.com/WLwKi4H0Oe

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