Even after losing twice to Google in court, Oracle still does not seem to be resting in peace. While it is filing for another round of trial in court, it has confirmed to be funding a campaign against Google led by non-profit Campaign for Accountability.

Campaign for Accountability, as the name might suggest, is a non-profit advocacy group that uses research, litigation and aggressive communications to expose misconduct in public life. One of the key While the non-profit is promoting some important causes, including clean water, and LGBT rights, it is also funding multiple campaigns against corporate offenders — including and especially Google.

Launched in April 2016, it runs a permanent campaign called ‘Google Transparency Project‘ to expose the wrong-doings of the Mountain View-based tech giant. Cfa, as it calls itself, says that this project is an online resource that allows the public to explore the ‘company’s influence’ on government, public policies, and our lives.

Commenting on the same, CfA Executive Director Anne Weismann said,

Google has long been a strong advocate of transparency in government, business, and even users’ private lives. It has not, however, been transparent about its own dealings with the government.

Though the campaign itself has transparency in its name, but the group of investors backing the project was a mystery up until now, reports Fortune. Adding another angle to its fued, Oracle stepped forward to confirm that is surely one of the contributors to the aforementioned project.

Ken Glueck, Senior Vice President of Oracle confirmed the investment and said,

Oracle is absolutely a contributor (one of many) to the Transparency Project. This is important information for the public to know. It is 100 percent public records and accurate.

While one could easily consider the participation of other rival tech giants in the same, but Microsoft has explicitly denied funding the campaign. Though the campaign shedding light on Google’s villainous practices in lobbying is a good thing, but there is a big concern that Oracle might be using CfA as an astroturfing(grassroot practice) to undermine the former.

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