The new San Francisco Apple Store has started a new trend. The Apple ‘retail store’ was strangely called ‘Apple Union Square’ instead of ‘Apple Store, Union Square’. While that wasn’t that big a news, it seems Apple is now dropping the ‘Store’ moniker from all its store gradually.

Until now, the Cupertino company’s retail stores were named as ‘Apple Store, [Location]’, but now Apple seems to have changed its approach. Stores are now just ‘Apple [Location]’. For example, Apple Store, Valley Fair is now just ‘Apple Valley Fair’.

The company has already updated all of its store pages online to follow the above trend. Employees working at the company’s retails stores also received memos letting them know that the “Store” branding is gradually being dropped from both retail locations and online. But this ‘gradual’ change seems to be quite drastic as all of the Apple Store pages have already seen the update.

Also, the update in the names isn’t just for show. Apparently, these Apple ‘Centers’ (if I may) will now do more than just sell and maintain your super expensive i-Products. For instance, Apple Union Square is blessed with an outdoor plaza with regular acoustic performances and a 6K video wall with seating called “The Forum,” that allows artists, photographers and musicians to inspire and educate customers through year-round programs, events, and classes.

Similarly, we can expect each of these locations to turn into hubs that not only allow you to buy high-end products, but also let you experience tech at its best.

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