If you’re one of those people who are OCD about keeping their email inbox uncluttered and have been using Google’s new email client Inbox, then you’d be happy to know that the platform has snagged a minor feature update today. Post this new update, Inbox will start surfacing quick updates from your work to-do list, alongside updates from Github and Google Alerts.

To improve email notifications, Google is now integrating the functionality to compile and offer a quick, glanceable view of your tasks from project management application Trello. This means that you’ll now be able to view a quick summary of what’s new with your Trello projects right from the Inbox homescreen.

Similar is the case with software collaboration platform Github, that will keep you up to date with all changes made to your code on the platform. Inbox by Gmail will now act as a changelog and show you changes made to your active repositories.

Google is also building further on the recent feature addition that makes essential newsletters more visible and gives you the power to easily sift through the same. Once you’ve read a particular newsletter, Inbox will minimize it to save space. This feature is now being implemented onto Google Alerts, and will allow you to scan through Alerts that interest you just like a Newsletter. The Alerts are summarized right in your inbox and you can choose to read more or mark a certain topic as done, if uninterested.


In addition to this, there are several other minor(but much needed) changes that are being introduced to your uncluttered email client Inbox. You now have the ability to directly insert Google Drive links directly into mails, and also check for and fix permission of documents right from the email ‘compose’ window. Plus if you receive a document on mail, then you can also save the same directly to Drive from Inbox.

With this update, you can also drag and drop contacts between the To, CC, and BCC fields in the email composer window on the web. And the ability to delete any mails from the Inbox has been made as handy as marking them as done on the mobile.

These updates though minor will help you better organize your mails and save time in the process. And if you’re not a Trello or Github user and think that these integrations are of no use to you, then think twice, because Google is also asking other service platforms to contact them to activate smart highlighting and email grouping.

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