Agent 47’s latest bloody adventure, which was released in the form of episodes, following a fairly new trend, has received a lot of appreciation over its latest approach. And It just may have been revealed that it may have two more seasons added to it. Which is obviously good news. 

As Agent 47 gears up for his fourth episodic outing—this time to the Thai capital of Bangkok—it seems IO Interactive and Square Enix’s sporadic stealth-meets-murder sim has another two seasons planned, once this one’s done and dusted.

Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bangkok, USA and Japan make up the hunting grounds of season one, however the game’s official Twitter account has now revealed there will be three seasons in total—although a second and third are unconfirmed at this stage.

The first season has shown such diversity and versatility with it’s mission, so its only welcome news that there’s more in store for the fans. This announcement came as a tweet in reply to a fan asking whether the developers have anything in mind for Season 2. Though unconfirmed, its a fair assumption that we could look forward to a release next year.
Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 8.12.30 pm

In addition to this, Square Enix Europe’s Community Manager took to the forums to that it’s too early to talk about Season 2. He further added,

Over the course of the last 12 months we had the pleasure to talk to many media representatives across the globe. We always pointed out the fact, that this is the beginning of a great journey for us. We planned out an intricate storyline that spans across several seasons, and our ambition is to continue and unfold it with future Hitman games.

He also said that IO is currently focused on the development of Season 1 and providing the best Hitman experience to Agent47 fans. It is also far too early to talk about the same, when the game has only made it as far as the fourth episode. He also adds that,

We really want to process all our learnings from Season 1 from every possible angle. Only then we’re in a good and solid position to think and talk about what’s possibly in store for the future.

There’s nothing to go on beyond that for now, however as the current pay model lets prospective players fork over £39.99($49.99) for the seven-episode season one “full experience” (which includes the locations noted above plus a summer special), future seasons might well follow a similar path when it comes to pricing.

At any rate, Hitman lands in Bangkok for its fourth episode on August 16. Enjoy!

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