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Microsoft has recently shipped its much-awaited Anniversary Update to all Windows users, so it is now diverting focus towards the development of its next update codenamed ‘RedStone 2’. And now sources are ringing the bells saying that Microsoft is gearing up to drop the first preview of an Insider build sooner than expected.

As reported last week, Microsoft is planning to shift back to its bi-yearly update cycle with the upcoming Redstone updates. So, it was a definite fact that Redmond will soon turn to their humongous community of Insiders to test these updates for bugs and provide their feedback. And that day is almost here.

According to sources familiar with the matter,

Microsoft is aiming to get the first Redstone 2 build out for Insiders this week at the earliest, with the latest time being sometime next week.

This is exciting news both for Windows and Insiders alike. Microsoft seems to not be wasting anytime in giving Insiders, like me, a chance to get their hands on updates and new feature additions to the OS. Insider have been patiently waiting to get their hands on an Insider preview build as they’ve been running the final version of the Anniversary Update for almost a month now.

In addition to this, WindowsCentral believes that the new preview build is almost ready and has been in internal testing since Saturday. If the internal testing goes well and no big bugs are caught, then we should expect the Insider build to hit our systems this week itself. If not this week, then the next week for sure.

Twitter user Core Insider Program has also confirmed that Microsoft wants to drop its first (new) Insider build, numbered 14901.1000 this week itself.

So, it seems that our earlier reports might actually prove to be true as Microsoft is readying itself for the next big update. Redstone 2 is expected to be made available to all by the end of this calendar year.

The bi-yearly update cycle will not only help Redmond add more updated features in a shorter span, but will also attract more users to adopt the stable Windows-as-a-service. And this ultimately, will convert into Microsoft meeting its 1 Billion user mark by 2018.

Stay tuned for more updates and in-depth coverage of the ‘RedStone 2’ Insider builds once they hit our PCs.

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