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Telltale’s latest venture, Batman, to have a multiplayer aspect

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Telltale has been best known for delivering some of the best narrative based games which give you the opportunity to tailor your own story from the beginning, to the very end. None of their titles have ever featured a multiplayer game mode and it’s hard to imagine how a game like this would support online play.

Telltale’s Batman, arriving tomorrow, takes a step forward from it’s general narrative style to add multiplayer.

Nevertheless, Telltale has come up with an unique game mode which supports upto 12 players at once in which every player will huddle around the screen to vote for one of the few given dialogue or action choices and the action with most votes will proceed the story as it goes. Telltale suggests that phones will be the best method for input, while laptops and pc’s are still viable options.

“By default, the crowd decides: the choice with the most votes is selected,” reads an updated blog post on the Telltale site. “[Crowd Play] is designed for everyone to be watching the same screen, at the same time, in the same room and works best with 4-12 people. Technically, it can support thousands of players, but they still need to be watching the same screen at the same time. This is mind blowing in a theatre full of fans, but we don’t expect you can fit 2000 of your closest friends in your living room so we’ve designed everything for smaller groups.”

The post continues: “Crowd Play is not a feature intended for use over streaming services. There is latency introduced by services such as Twitch. This means that everyone isn’t seeing that game at the exact same time, which means that everyone doesn’t see the choices at the same time.

“We are working closely with all the streaming services to address this problem, but it certainly won’t be ideal for streaming out of the box. For now, everyone needs to be in the same room, watching the same screen.”

The idea sounds interesting at first but we’ll have to wait to see how this plays out. Be sure not to miss out because it’s name’s like Telltale and Batman don’t come together all to often

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