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Microsoft had given users an year to upgrade to their latest OS – Windows 10 for free, but the free upgrade offer ended on 29th July. And if you’ve been slacking off and still haven’t installed Windows 10 on your system, then this could be your last possible chance to do so.

But — yes, there’s always a but — there’s a catch as mentioned in the title of this post. The free upgrade offer has ended for only the general public but is still available for users using assistive technologies, such as screen readers and voice recognition products. So, you still have a chance to upgrade to Microsoft latest and greatest operating system.

This post is full of surprises and the general public shouldn’t get disheartened as of right now. As TNW, however, points out the upgrade installation process isn’t restricting the offer to people using assistive technologies and is neither the checking the same before installation. So, it means that anyone of you can go ahead and still enjoy the benefits of Windows 10 from today onwards.

And if you’re still dumb enough to not get off your couch and upgrade your system, then I don’t know what will stimulate you to do so. If you’re unaware, maybe, I should mention the fact that Microsoft in releasing the ‘much-awaited’ Anniversary Update for the OS tomorrow. It brings with it a slew of updates to the current user experience, with the added benefit of new features.

Post the Anniversary Update, you will be have unprecedented access to Native Bash Shell on your Windows PC — which has been made possible due to partnership with Canonical. It will also bring along additional functionality like Windows Ink Workspace to allow you to draw and sketch using a host of styluses, Cortana on the lock screen, extensions for the Edge Browser and a Dark Mode Interface to the Windows experience.

So, if you’re now ready and keen to upgrade to Windows 10, then open this link and click the ‘Upgrade Now’ button to get started. And you should probably upgrade before Microsoft recognizes the loop-hole and restricts the update for non-assistive technology users. Enjoy!

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