Ascendas-Singbridge, Asia’s leading provider of sustainable urban and business space solutions, has selected Equinix Inc., the global interconnection and data center company, since February 2016 as its provider of colocation services and to support business continuity.

Equinix in an announcement today mentioned that the decision was driven by a lower total cost of ownership, Equinix’s proven uptime record, and ability to future-proof connectivity demands via access to its dense ecosystem of network and cloud providers.

Ascendas-Singbridge which had an on-premise data center, wanted to explore outsourcing its data center functions as it changed the office locations. In addition to colocation, it also needed a more agile network infrastructure that could meet its future connectivity demands.

Through a preliminary total cost of ownership (TCO) exercise, Equinix demonstrated that its carrier-neutral data center was more cost-effective compared to Ascendas-Singbridge maintaining its own data center. In addition, unlike other non carrier-neutral colocation providers its colocation service reduces costs and provides interconnectivity to a diverse range of networks and cloud providers.

Yeap Chin Boon, Vice President, Group Information Management & Technology, Ascendas-Singbridge said,

Outsourcing to Equinix provides us with a more cost-effective approach to our current colocation and disaster recovery needs. As our business continues to scale, we foresee higher connectivity requirements.

Ascendas-Singbridge can now capitalize on Equinix’s ability to seamlessly connect the company to more than 200 network providers to benefit from reduced bandwidth costs, lower latency and overall improved network performance. Equinix facilities across the globe have a track record of a global average uptime of more than 99.99%, setting the standard for operational reliability. Ascendas-Singbridge’s primary production site resides in Equinix’s International Business Exchange data center, SG3, with its Disaster Recovery site housed in the SG2 facility.

Clement Goh, Managing Director, Equinix South Asia said that Ascendas-Singbridge is one of the many forward-looking customers located inside Equinix. He also stated,

In this interconnected era, more IT industry players and service providers are physically connecting to one another inside their data centers to increase network efficiency and save costs. The rise of such ecosystems helps companies like Ascendas-Singbridge to realize the benefits of working with and leveraging Equinix interconnection platform.


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