The troubled times of spamming the @verified account or Jack Dorsey to receive the blue checkmark have come to an end, as Twitter has today announced that it will now be accepting applications from those seeking verification.

Twitter introduced the verified blue ticktwitter-blue-verification-badge in 2009 to help the audience on its platform identify authentic individual and organization accounts, amongst multiple parody and fake accounts by the same name. The @CDCgov was one of the first Twitter accounts to be receive verification and now the platform has close to 187,000 verified accounts.

Previously, the micro-blogging platform only dispensed the verified badge to accounts maintained by high-profile public figures and organizations related to music, TV, film, fashion, government, media, sports, business among others.

And due to the selective process, the company had been receiving a enormous number tweets demanding verification each day. But, it is now making it easier for anyone to receive the verification badge to flaunt it to your following and become Twitter famous.

We want to make it even easier for people to find creators and influencers on Twitter so it makes sense for us to let people apply for verification.

We hope opening up this application process results in more people finding great, high-quality accounts to follow, and for these creators and influencers to connect with a broader audience.

said Tina Bhatnagar, Twitter’s VP of User Services.

The verified badge doesn’t add any new features or bring about much change to the Twitter experience, but it does offer a verified-only notification system that lets you filter tweets and replies from other verified accounts.

So, if you think you’re worthy of fame and need a verification badge on Twitter, then go ahead and fill the application form. You will need to fill in your username(duh!), followed by some website links that verify your identity and then write a 500-word reason explaining why you want a badge in the first place.

And if you’re unable to receive in the first try, you will need to tweak your details to prove that you’re Internet identity is authentic and original. You can then again apply for verification in another 30 days.

This application process will reduce Twitter’s burden, and allow it to easily identify creators and influencers on the platform. I’ve already gone ahead and applied to receive my fancy blue tickmark, and now am waiting for the good news from the company’s team.

To know more about the requirements for the verification process, read the support documents here.

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