Cloud-based integrated business management software company Deskera Holdings is planning to establish its first cloud data centre in Singapore. It will be investing S$50 million over the next three years, with its spending mainly on software, equipment and staff capabilities.

This cloud data centre will support Deskera’s cloud-based integrated business management software and provide business-focused Internet Service Provider services. It will ensure more security, better service, greater reliability and fast access to their data stored in the country and the soon-to-be-launched big data products.

The company wishes to turn it into one of the biggest SaaS (software as a service) centre in Southeast Asia. It will have better control over the operating environment of the centre such as access, temperature and other parameters.

The Asia-Pacific is Deskera’s fastest-growing customer base and we are investing in this cloud centre to offer all our customers resilient, fast and reliable services.

Shashank Dixit, Deskera’s CEO said in a statement.

Deskera will employ about 50 specialised staff to operate the new data cloud centre. These staff will comprise of engineers in the fields of data analytics, software, network design and telecommunications, and business development managers.

Deskera cited security, talent availability, power quality, scalability, environmental and natural disaster impact in Singapore the few main reasons to establish the centre in the nation. Also, it being a trans-Pacific cable landing point makes it ideal for faster transmission speeds.

Deskera is also in the process of applying for a Services-Based Operator License from the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore to leverage on its cloud data centre to provide business-ISP services. According to the company, the cloud data centre will help in strengthening its technical capability to partner Singapore-based banks with the intention to use Deskera’s Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) software’s data to facilitate faster loan approvals by the banks for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Deskera has been working with partners, including the likes of Google Asia Pacific, Starbucks Coffee, Sushi Tei and Intel. The key investors of the company include Aris Prime Partners, Asset Management, Tembusu Partners and Tikehau Capital.

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