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Pokémon Go is a video game which requires you to get outdoor. This would have been a strange statement a decade ago, but of course not in the present times. While we already know that the AR game has surpassed Twitter in DAUs and Facebook/Whatsapp in average usage time, we now have some more stats.

According to statistics coming up from SimilarWeb’s analysis, Pokémon Go is surpassing many — almost every — popular app on Android in terms of popularity and usage time. The game was released just last week and within its first week, it topped Twitter’s daily users. We also saw people spending more minutes playing the game per day than browsing Facebook.

That was just the first few stages. According to latest reports, Pokémon Go has also topped Pandora, Netflix, Google Hangouts, and Spotify in terms of daily active users, and is installed on more devices than current popular apps, including Candy Crush, Viber, LinkedIn, Clash of Clans, Tinder and others.

Apparenltly, 5.9 percent of all Android users in the US played Pokémon Go. This is much higher than most apps but there are still a few others that are above the Niantic-developed game. For instance, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat still top the game in terms of daily active users.

In terms of number of installations, the app easily races past Candy Crush, Viber, LinkedIn, Clash of Clans, ESPN, iFunny, Lyft, musical.ly and Tinder. Strangely, even after being so popular in this front, according to the stats, Pandora, Netflix, Google Hangouts and Spotify are still a ways above Go.

All these figures stand for the Android version of the game in the US. The game has also been outperforming popular apps in Australia and New Zealand. The app is installed on 15.1 percent devices in Oz and 16 percent of Android devices in NZ.

The dev’s website is also on a roll. SimilarWeb writes:

Meanwhile, interest in Niantic, the Developer behind Pokémon GO, has been at an all-time high. On July 11th, nianticlabs.com had 1,171,000 visits on desktop and mobile web, the highest number of one-day visits in the site’s history. In all of June 2016, the site had 1,082,000 visits on desktop and mobile web, meaning that July 11th eclipsed all of June by 8%.

These numbers will surely reach new highs with each passing day, but for now, Pokémon Go users can relax and know that the game is super effective!

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