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The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is one hell of a smartphone. It’s got hardware to die for and its software complements it perfectly. In fact, the smartphone is arguably the best in the market right now. But that wasn’t enough for the Korean manufacturer. The company has now unveiled a special Rio Olympics version of its flagship to commemorate the summer Olympics.

Samsung, as most know already, is the Official Smartphone Partner for the next Summer Olympics. Thus, the company will be providing each participant of this year’s biggest athletic meet with a customized version of its Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. That’s great, but what’s in it for us?

The Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games Limited Edition will be released in the United States exclusively at Best Buy on July 18th in limited quantities. It will also be available in South Korea, Germany, and China. The company hasn’t shared any other details about the new smartphone including its price.

The smartphone will show off the five Olympic Ring colors in many hardware and software features. In fact most of its major apps, including contacts, dial, messages, its home screen and lock screen etc will be decorated with the iconic Olympics badge of honour.

Last month, we saw Samsung unveil another special edition Galaxy S7 Edge titled the Injustice Edition. This smartphone, like the one announced today didn’t have any extra features. It sported the same 5.5-inch, curved Super AMOLED display, 12-megapixel camera and was water resistant. Even the processor, memory and software were identical to the original S7 Edge.

The only difference one could observe was that this smartphone has a blacked-out color scheme with gold highlights and a Batman batarang symbol on the back where the carrier logo usually is. Some have even blocked out its real name and are calling it the Batman phone.

Unluckily for most, Samsung sold the Batman phone in select markets only. This is something they have rectified in case of the Olympic Games Limited Edition smartphone.


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