Have you ever scoured the web looking for a video conferencing tool that does’t require you to fess up money to use its services? Well I have, and I know the pain of not finding one. But, Microsoft today is finally taking a step closer to solving this problem.

Microsoft has today announced the launch of an HD new video conferencing tool for small businesses, and that too for free. Yeah, you heard me right, its free. You just need to sign up to use the real-time audio and video calling capabilities of this chat tool.

Skype Meetings can be described as a toned down version of Skype for Business that is capable of running in a browser window of any device. The video chat tool allows you to meet with upto 10 people simultaneously for 60 days(introductory offer! :P), which is then reduced to just three. It also brings along with it a host of paid features, that were earlier available to only business users.

Skype Meeting makes it easier for people to join a video conversation. With a single click, you can now share a personalized link with the colleagues you choose to meet right away or schedule the chat via Outlook. Skype also hands down the collaboration features to this free video chat tool. You now have the option to share your screen, record meetings and seamlessly edit Powerpoint presentations on the fly with upto 250 people at once.

To make your meeting more productive, Microsoft has also seamlessly built-in a whiteboard, laser pointer, polls and Q&A feature right into the web platform. Skype Meetings, though free, also takes advantage of the auto-cropping and head-tracking technology available to business users. This feature ensures that the persons face remains in the center of the screen at all times.

Here is a quick snapshot of all the features that are available for you to expedite in this free Skype offering:


‘Skype Meetings’ is currently available to any non-Office 365 users, small businesses and organizations in the United States for free. With the launch of this service running on latest web technologies, Microsoft has decided to fill a huge void in the HD video conferencing market. It has decided to take on all laggy and outdated video chat softwares, including GoToMeetings and Google’s Hangouts.

You can visit to start a free meeting right away. And if not, then take a peek at the functionalities of the service in the video attached below.

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