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Myntra, the online fashion e-commerce store is finally showing signs of revival after bringing back its mobile and desktop app from the dead. To attract more users and refresh inventory, the e-commerce retailers host highly discounted sales each year.

In a similar two-day ‘End of Reason Sale’ hosted by the company, it claims to have seen a 23-fold increase in base-line sales. This is a big deal for Myntra because the company’s reach had seen a sharp decline in terms of sales and traffic, probably due to its app-only strategy. But it’s surprising to notice that, close to 90% of the orders were processed through the app while the rest were directed from the desktop and mobile site.

And the company which had been suffering to attract users to its application in the past, managed to process over 30 lakh orders on the first day of the sale. It also resulted in about 5 lakh app downloads by the end of the first day i.e 2nd July of the two-day sale.

Ananth Narayanan, CEO, Myntra, further added that,

For better inventory planning, we did a price reveal a day ahead of the sale so that buyers could compile a wishlist on the app and the indicator helps us distribute inventory accordingly. All the discounts are being sponsored by our partner brands.

It is difficult to pin-point whether Myntra’s app-only strategy would’ve worked in the near future, but it seems that people are shifting towards mobile computing. It becomes more evident because the discounts and offers remained same across both the app and website.

App-Only Strategy

Almost an year ago, Myntra had opted-in for an app-only strategy and shutdown its desktop and mobile websites to cater to the youth of the Indian populous. Even though the company has tried to justify its app-only move time and again, but some users who were still reluctant to download the application.

And since the company was losing users and business in the process, so it decided to ditch its app-only strategy and revive its mobile website. It was an effort to attract users back to the platform, while still focusing on the app and revenues. And a couple months ago, Myntra decided to completely recede its app-only strategy by announcing the re-launch of its desktop website.

In addition to this, Myntra has recently also launched a ‘Try On Delivery’ for users in Bengaluru. The company is making shopping easier by giving you the option to choose what you wanna purchase after a physical trial. You can order three pair of shoes you like, but purchase and pay for only one after trying them out.

After a bold experiment of going app-only for a full one-year, Myntra finally seems to be back on track and offering exactly what the user desire. It’s still too early to give a take on the sales and revenues of the company, but this sale surely points towards an upside in its confidence.

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