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Looking at the exponential growth of India’s startup and the overall tech ecosystem, companies are rushing to open data centers in the country to capitalise. After Digital Ocean announced operationalisation of its first India data center in Bangalore, Amazon has now unveiled its first data center location in India — Mumbai.

The cloud-computing arm known as Amazon Web Services announced the launch of the data center in Mumbai’s AWS Summit today. It officially becomes the sixth data center to be launched in the Asia-Pacific region, and is joined by the likes of Beijing, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo.

With over 75k India-based customers already using Amazon’s cloud services, the company has expressed their interest to bring the AWS services to India. The developer have been pestering the cloud company to setup a physical presence in India, as it helps them reduce data transfer rates to their customers.

So, Amazon has finally chimed in and introduced the AWS Mumbai region that has been broken into two separate availability zones, so it can provide even lower latency and data sovereignty to their end users. This also means that Amazon not only has one, but multiple independent data centers in the Mumbai region. Also the data centers present in each availability zone are independent of each other, adding to the fault tolerance of the servers.

This means that an Indian developer can choose to deploy his/her application using the Mumbai region data center, but can then choose more than one availability zone to run his app. This allows him/her to have a fall back option if one of the data centers by any chance fails to respond.

Ecstatic about the launch of the data center in Mumbai, Andy Jassy, CEO of AWS adds that,

Indian start-ups and enterprises have been using AWS for many years – with most Indian technology start-ups building their entire businesses on AWS, and numerous enterprises running mission-critical, core applications on AWS.

We’re excited to make this available today, with the same pay-as-you-go pricing, ability to get started immediately without having to negotiate enterprise agreements or wait days for access, and unmatched functionality that customers enjoy in AWS Regions worldwide.

The Mumbai data center will help bolster the undergoing work in the healthcare and banking sectors. The company at the Summit also announced that they will be looking to partner with the government in its Digital India Initiative.

Amazon’s Web Services are currently most widely used cloud services in the world, followed by Microsoft’s Azure platform. In addition to Amazon, India already has cloud data centers setup by Microsoft and IBM. And New York based Digital Ocean has also introduced its services to the Indian masses in the previous month.

The company is expected to setup additional data centers in Canada, China, and the U.K. in the near future.

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