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The Fast ring users who cannot get enough of Windows 10 have another new Insider Preview to try out. Microsoft is now rolling out Build #14367 for both Windows 10 PC and mobile device users.

Redmond has now added a BETA version of handwriting recognition tech for over 23 languages in the Windows Ink workspace. These include Indonesian, Malay and African languages like Swahili, Xhosa and Zulu. You can install them from the language settings menu and use them with the handwriting keyboard.

Some of you Windows 10 Insiders who didn’t like the Feedback Hub shortcut, you’re in luck today. With this build, Microsoft is making easier for you to provide Feedback on the latest builds. You can now simply use the keyboard shortcut Windows + F to open the Hub and provide feedback. And as for mobile users, the key combination remains same — Vol down + Power.

This build also introduces Office Online extensions for Microsoft Edge. You can now use the whole Office suite without needing to have it installed on your PC first. This integration also allows you to quickly access your recent files, thanks to integration with OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.

If you’ve been facing issues in performing a clean install then Dona Sarkar,  Software Engineer, Windows and Devices Group has a solution for you. In the blogpost she adds that,

To help, we are providing a new tool that enables an easy and simple way to start fresh with a clean installation of Windows. This tool is now available from the Settings app for Windows Insiders using the latest builds that installs a clean copy of the most recent version of Windows 10 and removes apps that were installed on your PC.

In addition to these, the new build improves on cross-device notifications from your phone to the PC. It makes it more reliable and faster and fixes the emoji issue which appeared as boxes on the PC. The Centennial App converter has also been fixed and updated in this build. This also brings in an updated Windows Store comes with better performance.

This preview also updates the Update & Security, Windows Update and Recovery icons in Settings, to be more reflective of the action on both PC and mobile. This also brings battery and lock-screen improvements to the mobile.

June Bug Bash

As the day for the release of the Windows Anniversary Update draws closer, the team is laser focused to squash any many bugs as possible. And this means that you as an user will receive significant feature updates on a regular basis.

And with this update, Microsoft is also kicking off the Windows 10 Anniversary Update June Bug Bash.

The bug bash is an important part of Windows culture reports Sarkar in the blogpost. This gives the internal team a chance to make teams, find bugs and bond over the experience. And this time the company is giving the Insiders a chance to be a part of the quest too.

Over the course of next four days, the team will also be publishing multiple quests inside Feedback Hub that will highlight different areas of the product. And the users are requested to look into that product feature and provide feedback on the same. The quest has further been divided into two phases:

  • LIMITED TIME Quests will expire within 24 hours of being published, so make sure to catch them before they get replaced with the next one.
  • ADVANCED Quests are more technical and may require changing the system configuration to perform the task. So, an understanding of system settings is a must, else you’ll need to troubleshoot your PC.

So, go on Insiders — have a great time helping the team identify bugs and providing feedback on the same. And if you’re interested in knowing more about what has been fixed and removed in this build, read the blogpost here.

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