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WWDC’16 Liveblog: Join us for Apple’s Keynote Event tonight at 10:30 P.M IST

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Apple’s annual developer extravaganza — WWDC’16 — kicks off tonight at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco and we’re here to bring to you all the updates announced at the conference.

So what do you expect Cupertino to announce tonight?

Let’s talk about iOS 10, shall we? Apple will surely announce an update to its premier OS – the iOS and bump it into two-digits by introducing some new features. There hasn’t been much buzz about update #10, but we’re sure of a bulky update to the personal assistant Siri, its companion home appliance and the launch of a Siri SDK for developers along with it.

It is also expected to release a rebranded version of OS X and rename it to — MacOS — fall in line with its other OS platforms. The company will also unveil the latest iterations of its WatchOS and tvOS in front of the developer community.

The WWDC’16 isn’t the ground for hardware updates, so the appearance of iPhone 7 is out of question. But, Apple is expected to revive the Macbook Pro lineup and introduce a thin, sleek and high-end laptop computer, that will feature a secondary OLED display above the keyboard and TouchID fingerprint sensor.

What more do you expect? 5K Apple TV’s? Well, you will have to find out!

We, Anmol Sachdeva and Gaurav Singhal will update you with a running commentary straight from the live webcast, so that you don’t miss an announcement. So, be sure to join us in this LiveBlog @ 10:15 P.M IST(10:00 a.m PST/ 01:00 p.m EST) without fail.

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Gaurav Singhal June 14, 201612:47 am

Thank you for being a part of this live blog, it’s been great having you as an audience

catch further updates on our twitter account : @techportalntw
Anmol Sachdeva June 14, 201612:36 am

This is Anmol, signing off from the liveblog! Hope you have a great day! Adios! 😀

Anmol Sachdeva June 14, 201612:35 am

Thanks for being awesome people! It’s been wonderful to bring the latest announcements to you!

Anmol Sachdeva June 14, 201612:35 am

Hang Tight and check back for more updates very soon!

Anmol Sachdeva June 14, 201612:34 am
Please leave any queries or comments you have about the liveblog or today’s releases!
We’ll be publishing all the updates, with fresh photos, and videos on our website pretty soon!

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