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Facebook now lets you comment using videos

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More vivid commenting options coming your way facebooker ! The social networking giant has today rolled out video comments — which by the way (and of course) — lets you comment on posts and videos and all sorts of stuff on Facebook, via videos.

The launch wasn’t much of a fanfare, but is a massive deal for the company.

First up, this will help it take it up to Snapchat, which has literally been steamrolling facebook on this personal communication via video thing. Facebook’s IM platform — Messenger — hasn’t really been used by viewers to really express themselves to each other, which is in sharp contrast to Snapchat, which continues to see a rise in userbase — with special interest arising in Asian countries like India.

The next big advantage with video comments is pretty much obvious — get more of videos floating on Facebook, and make that number large enough, to ultimately beat the likes of Youtube, Vimeo and others.

The feature was first prototyped at Facebook’s 50th Hackathon early this year. The prototype had the ability to upload a video into comments and replies on posts. This fresh roll-out adds to the suite of multimedia features within comments including: links, photos, stickers, emoji, and starting today video.

Post prototype development at Hackathon, Facebook tested this feature within its own employees with an obvious reaction of awesomeness coming out.

Video in comments is rolling worldwide starting today. You can upload them as replies to posts by people and pages, as well as within groups and events. It’s supported on desktop web, iOS, and Android. To try it out, click the camera icon next to the comment field!

So yes, no more GIFs in comments, full-fledged videos folks !

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