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LeEco Delhi Launch Event Liveblog

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Tune in to our liveblog, straight from LeEco’s India launch event.

The “anonymous guy” behind the desk who keeps pushing press releases and sponsored content on our site.
P.S. Don’t go to the profile pic on the left, we keep trolling one of our own writers with this… :p

Anmol Sachdeva June 8, 20162:00 pm

LeEco has lauched two new smartphones – Le2 and LeMax2

Pricing is as under(with 1-year LeEco membership worth Rs. 4900):
Le Max2 @ 22,999/-(4GB+32GB) and Rs. 29,999/-(for 6GB+64GB)
Anmol Sachdeva June 8, 20161:04 pm

Atul Jain, COO of Smart Electronics Business, LeEco has now taken the stage to discuss the new LeEco devices and talk about the lossless era that the company is trying to usher

Anmol Sachdeva June 8, 20161:03 pm

Ghosh is now stepping off the stage, leaving us with a promise to set high quality standards with the content platform

Anmol Sachdeva June 8, 20161:02 pm

After streaming the Grammy Live on their platform in China, LeEco is gearing up to bring live streaming of 50+ concerts on the platform this year

Anmol Sachdeva June 8, 20161:00 pm

content, experience and key services form the membership realm of the LeEco content platform

Anmol Sachdeva June 8, 201612:59 pm

And wants to get you addicted to a great music experience using their CDLA technology(to be discussed further into the event)

Anmol Sachdeva June 8, 201612:58 pm

LeEco wants to develop the content platform into a word-class entertainment platform by offering curated shows, live TV channels

Anmol Sachdeva June 8, 201612:56 pm

The content platform has over 2000 hollywood, bollywood and regional movies on the platform.

Anmol Sachdeva June 8, 201612:55 pm

Focus is on super-integration and delivering quality experience

Anmol Sachdeva June 8, 201612:55 pm

Tim has now stepped off stage and Deboshish Ghosh(COO-Content Business, LeEco India) has stepped up to discuss the content ecosystem, comprising of LeMusic, LeLive, LeVideo and many more.

Anmol Sachdeva June 8, 201612:53 pm

Will make more phones under the ‘Make in India’ campaign

Anmol Sachdeva June 8, 201612:52 pm

LeEco has jumped from #4 ro #2 in the voice shared data in India and has over 1000+ personnel in the R&D center in India

Anmol Sachdeva June 8, 201612:51 pm

LeEco is the best-selling smartphone on Flipkart. It has sold over 5 lakh phones in just 100 days of its arrival

Anmol Sachdeva June 8, 201612:50 pm

The LeMe community has over 3.5 million superfans

Anmol Sachdeva June 8, 201612:49 pm

He is now thanking the superfans for the tremendous response to LeEco’s arrival in India

Anmol Sachdeva June 8, 201612:48 pm

Monk is now talking about all the different platforms of the LeEco ecosystem : LeMobile, LeTV, LeSEE

Anmol Sachdeva June 8, 201612:46 pm

The eUI is a super-integration of platforms

Anmol Sachdeva June 8, 201612:45 pm

LeEco surely has high regards for its UI platform, that is supported on all platforms, be it a smartphone, tablet, SmartTV or smart car

Anmol Sachdeva June 8, 201612:44 pm

There are only two type of UI’s in the world – eUI and other UI’s

Anmol Sachdeva June 8, 201612:44 pm

“Time to share the connectivity, and ecosystem of the future” – Mok

Anmol Sachdeva June 8, 201612:42 pm

Tin Mok – LeEco’s CEO of Asia Pacific region is now on stage

Anmol Sachdeva June 8, 201612:41 pm

The first performance has officially ended. We’re inching closer to the launch of LeEco’s future technologies!

Anmol Sachdeva June 8, 201612:35 pm

This might be a superphone launch by LeEco but they have called upon someone to add ‘tadka’ to the whole event! Guess who?

Anmol Sachdeva June 8, 201612:33 pm

Pssst..Do you wanna know a secret?

I guess you do!
Anmol Sachdeva June 8, 201612:31 pm

The violin band is playing Bollywood’s mesmerizing!! ?

Anmol Sachdeva June 8, 201612:29 pm

The event is starting out with a violin band performance!

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