You precariously try to keep your social media accounts and its security in check, so that none of your friends could get access to them and play a prank on you. Well, it seems that billionaire founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg who had been active on other social media networks in the past, hasn’t given their security a top priority.

On Sunday, a hacker group by the name – OneMine Team hijacked Zuckerberg’s Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts, while the verified Facebook Page was still intact. The groups who has(had) about 40k followers on Twitter, left a daunting message for Mark on Twitter, revealing his password to be ‘dadada’.

Hey @finkd, you were in the LinkedIn Database with the password ‘dadada’ !

tweeted the group via Zuckerberg’s Twitter(tweets has since been deleted)

They also vandalized his Pinterest page claiming it as their’s, highlighting the fact that it has been ‘Hacked by OneMine Team‘. The group also claimed to have access to Mark’s Instagram(owned by Facebook), but we saw no suspicious activity on his profile.

We don’t really know for sure how OurMine Team pulled off the hack, but they claim to have their hands on the LinkedIn Database dump, which the company confirmed to have leaked as a part of a massive hack in mid-May. The company had confirmed that millions of user details had leaked online, and urged them to change their password and update their account’s security in order to avoid any future attacks.

But, as we all know, we try to maintain only one password for login on all website, so that there’s no hassle and its easy to remember. Well, this hack adds Mark to the same list.

Twitter was the first to react to the situation at hand. It suspended both @finkd and OurMine Team’s twitter accounts and has thus restored the Facebook CEO’s not-so-popular account after deleting the rude tweets. If you head over to his account now, you’ll see that he last tweeted in January 2012. Pinterest jumped in late, but the account has now been fixed and updated.

In a statement to Venturebeat, Facebook has confirmed that Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram account was not hijacked, it was just a fluke attempt on the hacker group’s part to cause chaos and vandalism.

So, what does this breach teach us? If you have a LinkedIn account and you haven’t reset your password since the beginning of time, well you should go and do it right away, because your’s could be the next in line to be targeted by hacker group’s like, OneMine.

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