Google has been shifting its primary focus to mobile web for a while now. Just a while ago, the company started promoting AMPed websites to decrease site load times and ensure the best user-experience. With the same aim in mind, the company announced on Thursday, a new online tool that will help small business owners understand user-experience on their websites better.

The tool, which can be accessible at, acts as an analytics service but in a way that any person can understand. Google has, previously, offered many other analytics tools that can be used to test your websites like PageSpeed Tools, PageSpeed Insights and its Mobile-Friendly Test but these tools were solely meant for developers and web-designers. And even if the website owners had access to them, it was kind of a chore to understand what the numbers represented.

To simplify the whole ordeal, the company introduced a new tool that will show scores as Good (in green), Fair (yellow) and Poor (red). There are also only three main sub-texts in the tool– Mobile Friendliness, Mobile Speed and Web Speed. The first one checks if your website uses any tappable buttons or showcases important information first thing, the second and third one grade the load times of the site on the specified format.

The tool is, in reality, powered by PageSpeed Insights. The only thing new is that the numbers are now easier to digest.

Not just this, you can even opt to get a detailed report on your website’s user experience via email. The email will be delivered to you within 24 hours of the request and you can order up to 3 reports a day.

The new tool is targeted towards business owners instead of developers or other technical personnel. This shift in focus seems to be Google’s new way of trying to enhance user experience and help business owners fix their lagging or heavy websites.

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