Streaming platform Viddsee announces content partnership with Discovery Networks

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Singapore based startup Viddsee, an online video streaming system, partnered with Discovery Networks and starts streaming the latter’s series on its platform today. The collaboration is remarkable because this is not only the most significant deal Viddsee has signed till date but also marks the online availability of Discovery’s content which includes documentaries, short films, written content across Asia for the first time.

Co- founder Derek Tan states the platform starts streaming two series today and will post one every month. To keep up with Viddsee’s mission, Discovery showcases the first two documentaries directed by independent filmmakers. Segment of the First Time Filmmaker Series (FTFM), the two videos that launched today are “Singapore Stories” and “Super Japan”.

Viddsee varies from other competitors by showcasing short films and focusing on written content discovery and social media marketing and advertising in order to make sure they actually get viewers. Derek was quoted saying,

Although our written content are not domestic manufacturer names, our written content has achieved millions throughout the world because of the positioning for a social, cell viewers and also the conversations that surround the written content.


Viddsee founders Ho Jia Jian and Derek Tan.
Viddsee founders Ho Jia Jian and Derek Tan.

Viddsee was founded in 2012 with the goal to create an online distribution channel for filmmakers of South Asia to present their movies who usually got the opportunity to do so at limited film festivals. The startup has raised a funding of $2.3 million, which includes a Series A spherical last year. Tan also stated,

Viddsee is now working on additional written content discovery offers and may possibly also crew up with Discovery to produce first written content for the system.

Its content distribution, advertising and marketing model allows Viddsee to stand out from Southeast Asian businesses that contend directly with Netflix, like iFlix and HOOQ, and other exceptional platforms where impartial filmmakers usually post their work like YouTube and Vimeo. The Herd, a short movie by Melanie Mild, got 90,000 views on Vimeo— but had over one million views in less than a month following its debut on Vimeo.


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