If you live next to an Airbnb host who has had noisy guests on their property and you complaining to the residing party has been in vain, well, Airbnb now wants you to telltale about those lousy hosts.

Airbnb believes that all of its guests are ‘respectful travellers’ and so issues or complaints are extremely rare. But, if such a situation ever comes up, Airbnb wants the neighbours of the host to voice their problems with the guests/host. With regard to the same, the company is introducing a new service for neighbours called Airbnb Neighbors.

This will give the community a platform to share specific concerns, like noise complaints, security concerns, parking issues, criminal activity or any other complaints on the host currently residing in the listing next to them. The neighbours could go to this dedicated link and submit feedback on the hosts.

Once you submit a complaint against the hosts listing, it will get assigned a case number and Airbnb will then review the issue. You will also receive a confirmation mail along with the case number and future updates on the matter. And if absolutely necessary, the company will follow-up with the host and I guess, school them on their responsibilities as a host.

Neighbours will also have the option to submit the information anonymously or disclose their identity to the host, so that the aggregator could follow-up with the host at lapse. The Airbnb review team will take each case seriously and forward the neighbours contact information to the host, so that they can meet and discuss the problem in person.

The home-stay aggregator elaborated on the topic in a blogpost saying that,

Hosting is a big responsibility and those who repeatedly fail to meet our standards and expectations will be subject to suspension or removal from the Airbnb community.

The aggregator is focused on improving their host/guest community and work along a set of values to push their mission forward to all around the world. This feature however could have an adverse outcome on the community where-in the users can abuse their power to wrongfully report the host. Airbnb continues to boast about its short-term rental and home-stay aggregation to host over 80 million guests in over 190 countries worldwide.

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