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Google had announced its Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP) last year with the company bringing in the lightning label for AMPed pages just 3 months ago. Now Google is attempting to promote the project among a different sect mobile users. The company announced on Friday that the Google app for iOS will now roll out with AMP pages.

The new launch comes after AMP pages were rolled out in Google News and mobile Google search results. The service notifies you when a fast rendering pages/articles are available by tagging the results with a lightning bolt (not to be confused with Facebook’s Instant Articles lightning bolt).  These articles will allow you to save time and get the information you need as quickly as possible.

“Starting today, AMP will be available in the Google app for iOS. So now news articles from a vast array of publishers will load instantly for your reading pleasure,”

the blog post announcing the new development reads.

“Just look out for the lightning bolt and “AMP” next to articles in the “Top Stories” section of your search results and enjoy blazing-fast news.”

The web giant claims that opening the app or performing a search, everything will work just a little bit quicker than normal. Apparently, the speed improvement may not be as significant as you might think, but combining the 6.5 million hours this year of the app’s usage, it makes a huge difference.

The app also brings in Google Now cards which bring to you sports highlights and glimpses of the real-time sports news. The cards also bring in video highlights of the events you please. The duration of the video is shown at its bottom. You can then just tap the card and start watching the highlight anywhere, anytime.

The app is now  available on the App Store.

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