Uber has added a new innovative feather in his hat by launching UberEats, a food delivery service, in Singapore, first Asian country in the list, after debuting in Toronto (at the beginning of this year) and then expanding to US four major cities (in March), before hitting the city of Singapore.

UberEATS concept promises fast delivery of the food within 35 minutes, by connecting trilogy of people, driver and restaurants delivery system (using the same tech map – routing algorithm, thus connecting faster). On a similar note, this has to be watched with time as they have already killed its “instant” option in New York, which promised to deliver pre – selected meals in 10 minutes, as they had wanted to narrow its focus.

Currently, food delivery services are available only in the Central Business Districts namely – Tanjong Pagar, Orchard, and River Valley.

UberEats is a separate Standalone food delivery app, which needs to be downloaded separately from its main Uber app and over 100 restaurants are pointed to the UberEATS framework at various price points.

As a new spree launch, it has waived off $3 delivery charge, in order to provide real-time experience to the people and connect with the new service of its kind.

Uber, which has raised $9 billion in funding so far, has said that it plans to become a major hyperlocal logistics player, providing quick deliveries of food and packages, instead of just rides!

Uber’s massive scale and vehicle network can help it succeed in this business, which has very less margins and good competition from well-set competitors in the business like FoodPanda, Grain, and Deliveroo in the city-state.

Uber has provided earning flexibility to its drivers by carrying out both the business – Food Delivery and Uber cab driving seamlessly, which will help the drivers to find work when demand for the rides are usually slow.

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