Microsoft had first unveiled the Skype for Android app with a Material Design last September. The revamped look was exclusive to smartphone users and tablet users hadn’t received any news about when the theme would be brought to them. Changing this, the company announced Skype 7.0 today which brings many new enhancements in tow like multitasking along with the Material Design for tablets.

The Redmond giant says that last year’s revamped look for Skype on Android received great feedback because of the cleaner, more polished feel of the app and how the UI added a bit of fun to Skype conversations. Taking this into account, the new look will now also be projected on larger Android screens.

The UI on Android tablets has been redesigned completely from scratch taking in a variety of elements from Google’s Material UI. We get a new floating action button that allows you to send messages and start voice and video calls with friends or groups directly from the main screen of the app. You also get quick access to all sorts of communication methods which now include Skype bots.

The company points out that one of the main focuses of the new design was multitasking. The Skype window comes in as a multi-pane view when in landscape orientation which allows you to send messages, files and check your latest conversations while on a video or voice call (yes, simultaneously!).

You also get a new search service that will make it easier and quicker to find contacts, chats, groups and Skype bots, right from the main screen of the app. Something the company might have taken off other chat clients like WhatsApp and Hike. A new ‘invite’ option is also available. This means that as soon as you sign in to Skype, all your contacts who are using the service are automatically identified. And in case there are people who do not use Skype, you can use the ‘invite’ button next to their name and they will receive a message with all the info they need to get started.

The latest version of Skype is currently ready for download on the Play Store. The update, the Skype team promises, improves a lot in the call quality and performance sectors.


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