After users expressing some clear dissent and annoyance over inclusion of photos and links in Twitter’s 140 character limit, the micro-blogging site is finally looking to introduce a way to stop that.

This change in the tweet composure will allow users to write and share more content by composing longer tweets. Twitter earlier had launched a link shortening tool, which reduced the link size to accommodate just 23 characters off the 140-character limit. The shift to non-inclusion of photos and links could be introduced in the upcoming two to three weeks, says a known source.

But, twitter has declined to make any comment on the report.

The earlier rumors of the increment of character limit to 10,000 characters was rebuked and received huge criticism from the online community. But, the exclusion of photos and links from the word limit will thus provide more flexibility and ease to its users.

Jack Dorsey, who has now been handling the reins of the social networking company for the past six months, is urging users to share more rich-media content in their tweets, like GIFs, images, and polls. The introduction of the 30-second video platform has also been one such addition in the direction to uplift the stagnant user count. The revenues have also seen a downfall, disappointing investors at every turn.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey after taking the reins of the company said that,

The company was looking for new ways to display text on Twitter, and would experiment based on how people use the service.

This feature is still being developed and tested but the decision to launch this feature to the public still hasn’t been decided. Reports also suggest that the tweetstorm feature which has confused the users from time to time is also being revamped, to exclude the .@ feature to show off the tweets on their timeline.

Twitter during their launch days had decided to restrict their character-limit to 140 characters to make the conversations feel more organic and relevant. Tweets should be concise and be able to fit-in all the information in the size of a mobile-text message.

Twitter has recently introduced a Facebook-like algorithmic timeline, that will show you tweets based on the profiles you visit most and the content you read on the platform. Twitter is currently also working with its sister company, Periscope to embed and enhance the live video experience on its platform. You now also have the ability to live-stream videos directly from the DJI drone.

This new feature update will help Twitter lure in more users, as they don’t have to spend time shortening their tweets to provide full information. The users now more control and freedom to share links, videos, pictures and live-stream media without having to care about the character-limit.

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