We’ve seen many collaborative work apps out in the market. Microsoft itself owns a fair share of these apps. Deviating from the norm, Microsoft had last year announced an app called GigJam which was one-of-a-kind. The app got into private preview in March this year and now Microsoft is expanding its reach through an ‘invitation preview‘ for those who asked for access through GigJam’s website.

GigJam is an app that allows you to share what you’re working on with your colleagues and friends. This chared data can then be used to get suggestions and other enhancements as required through the same app. The app is currently available on OS X and Windows. Microsoft says it should have an iOS app up and running by the end of this year. No talk about availability on Windows 10 Mobile or Android yet.

The software, unlike most collaborative work tools, allows ephemeral interactions and selective sharing. Also, work of the team doesn’t have to be confined to a single objective. Different set objectives can be collaborated simultaneously. In fact, there are no other apps out in the market that provide similar features to GigJam. This means that Microsoft’s own services like Skype and Yammer won’t suffer a hit because of the aforementioned app.

The blog post announcing the new preview reads:

GigJam helps you spontaneously and momentarily involve others in your work. You just summon all the live information you need, divvy it up by circling what you want to share and crossing out what you don’t and control what others can see or even co-work with you in real time. Now you can finally involve others inside and outside your organization to help you get work done in the moment.

The user interface is minimal and very simple to use. We just get a rectangle with the most essential text boxes from the app, and multiple apps can be run simultaneously, side by side. Integration can be done with most of the apps that deal with work, including non-Microsoft platforms. You also get add-on features like speech recognition.

If you had already signed up for early access on the GigJam site, you will email inviting you to download GigJam. In case you haven’t done this yet, you can register now, too.

GigJam is to make it to Microsoft’s Cloud Software Suite by the end of this year which currently includes services like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OutLook, OneNote, OneDrive and Sway.

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