With the world moving away from the real world to Artificial and Virtual Reality(VR), the most applicable use of these new technologies currently is gaming. But, the Indian startup, Adyep is using the VR technology to provide better advertisements in various sectors.

The company recently made its debut by launching a game for campaigning of a Dabur product’ Real Juice’, the company has marked its presence and promises to deliver the heightened sense of virtual experience in many other domains.

The shift towards digitization has altogether taken a new course with the advent of AR and VR. The unimaginable have now turned into a benumbed reality with the enactment of AR and VR in wide genre of sectors be it gaming, medical science, real estate, hospitality etc.

Virtual Reality has been dubbed as ‘immersive multimedia’ creating a computer-generated artificial environment in isolation from the real world. It creates a sensory experience which will make you feel you’re a part of a pristine new world. While on the other hand, Augmented reality being one of the most promising technological breakthroughs lets you blend the virtual contents in real world. Adyep has widened the scope of VR by introducing the technology into sectors like hospitality, healthcare, academics and many more.

Adyep has tapped the opportunity at right time, by investing into research and development into incorporation of AR and VR technology in real estate sector. The launch of the app is intended to let the customers have the unrivaled experience. The app integrates traits allowing future walk, 360 degree view, brochure based on 3D model, 3D ads. Adyep has explored pristine technologies in order to elevate the level of profitability for the businesses and customer satisfaction.

According to the Reinventing Retail 2015 Report, 63% of respondents have stated that their online purchasing would increase if they can try their products using virtual headsets. It just the beginning of a VR –era, Adyep in line with its veteran team of experts is intensively employed in creating a V-commerce rostrum.

Looking at the current pace of growth of VR, the projected revenues from the VR products is expected to increase from 90 million U.S. dollar in 2014 to 5.2 billion U.S. dollar in 2018. By 2018, the chart depicting the active VR users would hit 171 million by 2018.   The future of AR is promising as it is projected to become a 600 million dollar industry by 2016.

With VR and AR gaining popularity in almost all spheres of life, Adyep is continuously striving towards making the VR- based experiences more immersive. And its just the beginning.


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