InTouchApp, a smart contact management mobile application, has today announced that it has raised an undisclosed amount in a seed round from Blume Ventures.

With new cash coming to the company, it will be primarily used to hire new talent to further strengthen its technology team. It will also spend money for the marketing efforts.

Volare Technologies Pvt. Ltd., the parent company of InTouchApp, was formed in 2012. This is the first funding round raised by the company, which claims to have over 2.5 million app downloads already. InTouch App helps smartphone users manage contacts, allowing them to create a contact repository that is automatically backed up and synchronized. It also lets users collaborate on contacts and share lists of contacts with each other.

Sarang Lakare, chief executive at InTouchApp, said,

Now, we are going into our second innings where we want to help you do more with your phone contacts. The first thing that we are doing is enabling you to share contacts with one another.

We want to be a one-stop solution for all contacts management. You can share contacts via Slack, or WhatsApp or e-mail; we are independent of the communication channels

The company is currently generating revenue through in-app purchases for premium features. However, it is soon going to change its revenue model. It plans to charge organizations for further control on the collaborative features, such as imposing restrictions on who can edit shared contacts.

Currently, the app enables users to collaborate on contacts, share multiple contacts at once, build a common up-to-date contact list with friends, colleges, and family members, merge duplicate contact, etc.

Launching next month, the newer version of the mobile app will have multiple language option. However, the company has revealed that they are still exploring idea to add Hindi language. With this localized content, the company is planning to hit the global market.

There are hundreds of applications in the Play Store which offers similar functionality. However, the differentiating feature is that InTouchApp offers all the functionality in one single app while most of the other apps offer only single functionality.

Commenting about the investment, Karthik Reddy, managing partner at Blume Ventures, said,

What InTouchApp is doing is taking a prevalent social network, your phonebook, and layering a lot of intelligence upon it. I think they have a good shot at building something world-class out of India.

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