Location, Payment and Chat are the 3 features every business is running behind in their apps. While Google and Paytm (in India at least) have made it a cakewalk for companies to integrate location (maps) and payments to their apps, there are not a lot of easy solutions for chat!

The problem was a lack of reliable and an easy to integrate solution available in the market to bring real time communication to web and mobile apps.

says Devashish Datt Mamgain.

This difficulty gave a shape to Applozic in early 2015. Devashish roped in a long time friend Adarsh Kumar to startup with a mission to bring real time communication to every connected application.

The Product

Applozic is a Real Time Chat & Messaging SDK which enables communication for any mobile application and website, with no development or infrastructure overhead. They enable WhatsApp like chat functionality for any business’s app or Website.


Businesses can use their easy to integrate SDK’s for a smart communication backend. Applozic allows to accomplish almost all the communication needs within the app thus preventing the users from navigating to other apps like WhatsApp, Hangouts, Skype for their communication needs.

The app, apart from being customizable is highly scalable consequently saving up on the development and infrastructure costs. With their Data Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards, the businesses can easily visualize their user base with simple clicks.

The duo raised a seed fund of $100,000 and went ahead to serve big clients like MagicBricks, Azuga, Jekalo. They currently cater to over 100 business across the globe helping businesses reduce cost by replacing SMS/Phone calls with IP Messaging. Their communication BaaS enables rich messaging with 1-1 chat, Group chat and even App to User messaging.

A lot of traction would be observed in the e-comm market places, real estate, e-learning and healthcare businesses where companies can push notifications and cross application communication to their users.

How To


The Tech

With a multi device data sync option, businesses can benefit a lot by transferring files, messages, images over the app. All they need to do is sign up and configure their application in Applozic Dashboard. Once you integrate and customize your app, all you need to do is test and go live.


The team has used AWS and MQTT Protocol which are designed as an extremely lightweight messaging transport. Small size, low power usage, minimized data packets, and efficient distribution of information to one or many receivers make it ideal for mobile applications.

Applozic provides white label chat SDK with open source UI toolkit for UI customization. Companies can also add CTA (call to action) to payment services like Stripe within the chat interface. And best of all, developers can download their source code and build anything on top of it.


With big data comes big responsibility!

Applozic stores user’s information and messages on their server. All the users’ data is secured and they have a token based authentication to send and receive data. For the app owners, the startup provides

  • Webhook URL to forward the data to the customer’s backend servers
  • REST APIs to access the data and export it in JSON format.
  • Admin panel to monitor and analyze the statistics like the total count of messages read,delivered status, stats on conversations happened on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

delivered status, stats on conversations happened on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Total count of messages read, delivered status, stats on conversations happened on daily, weekly and monthly basis are tracked on the panel.

The Road Ahead

The dynamic team of 9 people plan to add Sales & Marketing in US and increase their strength to 20 at Bangalore center by June. Going ahead, they would provide analytics, bots and other external service integrations in an easy and customizable way.

prorev-insigniaProRev Verdict

Applozic’s product offering is similar to that of Quickblox and SendBird.com, companies based out of London and San Francisco respectively. Being the only player in the Indian market does give them an edge over the others. And even though there are a few startups offering a similar solution for domain-specific markets (like the real-time intelligent chat assistant Quinto, we covered last year), there doesn’t seem to be a player offering such a generic B2B solution.

Moreover, the way Facebook, Google, Microsoft and others are rolling out their automated chat bots, real time communication with IoT is going to be a huge market in coming years.

On that note, if traversed correctly, Applozic might be one of the first Indian companies to have captured the same correctly.

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