Giving us a glimpse of what Windows 10 might offer for the business sector in the coming months, Microsoft silently posted a roadmap over the weekend. The roadmap suggests that we might see major updates to Continuum, Passport authentication, file-level encryption and many other events.

Most of the updates stated on the roadmap are the ones that the company showed off during the Build Developer conference a few days ago. The Redmond giant hasn’t listed specific dates on when the features listed on the roadmap will be rolled out, instead we can see a number of features “In Public Preview” which are the ones we can expect to be in the Anniversary update. Additionally, we have other features that may not make it to the market soon.

The company lists 3 major features in the “In Public Preview” division. These include Enterprise Data Protection, Multifactor authentication for apps and websites and Microsoft Edge Extensions. All these features are already under heavy testing by Microsoft Insiders. Extensions will allow users to add or modify browser functionality.

Multifactor authentication will allow users to use Windows Hello and/or Microsoft Passport to authenticate/log on to an application or website and Enterprise data protection can help organizations by providing file-level encryption for business data and apps that helps facilitate data separation, containment, app control and leak prevention.

Some of these features are expected to come out along in the Windows 10 Anniversary update, which is expected around July 2016.

Other genres listed in the roadmap include:

Recently available (Features rolled out by Microsoft as of recent times): This includes features like Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello, Device Guard, BitLocker etc and other business features already available on the operating system.

In Public Preview (Features rolled out for Insiders to test and review): Enterprise Data Protection, Multifactor authentication for apps and websites and Microsoft Edge Extensions are the features listed in this sector.

In Development (Features the Microsoft team is currently working on): Continuum-centric features are listed here. Many new features related to Continuum were showed off by officials at the Build conference including the ability to project from a Continuum-enabled phone directly to a PC wirelessly, with no additional hardware required, the ability to turn a Continuum enabled phone into a Windows touchpad and the likes.

The updates listed in the roadmap are expected to come out with or before Redstone 2, the next major release of features for Windows 10 is now expected around Spring 2017.

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