On the occasion of World Health Day, Practo has partnered with Twitter to create a new social handle named ‘AskPracto’. The handle will offer real-time, instant replies to users seeking specific medical queries on Twitter, and is an integration of the already available ‘Practo Consult’ feature on the app.

‘AskPracto’ will act as an official handle, managed by Practo and will offer all the safety checks, which the original ‘Practo Consult’ product offers. For instance, users will get replies instantly from verified doctors listed on practo’s website and mobile apps. You can of-course, still go ahead and use Practo Consult through apps and web if you like or have a question that is longer than 140 characters, but if you just want a quick answer, you can simply tweet to get a solution

The new service, as of now, is available only in three of Practo’s markets — India, Philippines and Singapore – and in English. It will gradually expand to cover more countries and languages.

This sort of a Twitter tie-up however, isn’t entirely new for Indian apps.

Lookup for instance, had announced a similar tie-up last year with the launch of Lookuplite. To access this service, tweet your requests starting from booking appointments, ordering food till enquiring about products to @lookuplite and Lookup will monitor it and send solutions accordingly.

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