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Huawei Unveils The P9 And P9 Plus, Its Newest Flagship Smartphones Featuring Dual-Lens Technology

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At an event in London today, world’s third largest smartphone maker by global market share, Huawei announced the launch its latest flagship smartphones. The devices are called the P9 and P9 Plus and reprise a technology that had died down a few years ago.

The newest smartphones from Huawei feature dual-lens technology which the company says was “co-engineered” in partnership with veteran optics maker, Leica. If you’re thinking the company is attempting to go back in time and start a trend of smartphones that can capture 3D images, you’re absolutely wrong.

In fact, the two lenses on the back of the P9 and P9 Plus are not really “Leica” lenses, though the smartphone maker gets to use the name, and use it in things like “Leica Film mode” among others.

The company says that the dual-lenses will enhance photography for your smartphone. It claims that the arrangement will improve the colour, the clarity, the light sensitivity and many other parameters which will improve your camera experience. Apparently, the camera will also be able to refocus.

The lenses also support a wide aperture mode. This means we get in more light into the images, increasing image quality significantly. The camera also offers a variety of filters from the Leica brand. The company says that its front-facing sensor has also seen significant improvements and performs better in low-light conditions, too.

The concept of these dual-lenses is, that the phones will be using one RGB and one monochrome lens to support the various photo enhancements. Both of these are 12 MP sensors and will take in double the normal light. This results in better photo quality as well as a flexible amount of enhancements.

Other important features of the new flagships from the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer are a fingerprint reader, the latest USB type-C standard, a 3000 mAh battery and an aluminum body.

The P9 houses a 5.2-inch display while the P9 Plus offers a larger 5.5-inch screen. The phones also come in with triple antennae for better reception quality.

The company hasn’t yet revealed when the smartphones will go live or how much they will cost you but word is that they’ll be out somewhere in the next few months. And yes, that “plus”nomenclature of course comes from Apple. (wasn’t that implied!)

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