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Apple Unveils The New iPad Pro 9.7″ — An iPad Pro Fused Into The Form Factor Of The Wafer Thin iPad Air

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Apple’s ‘let us loop you in’ event has, until now, been filled with expected surprises. We saw the new 4-inch iPhone SE and now we have yet another ‘mini’ device coming from the Cupertino giant. Welcome the iPad Pro Mini.

Last year, Apple released a new generation of iPads, the Pro. The iPad Pro was a beast when it came to size as well as performance. But evidently, the device wasn’t suitable for everyone. The form factor of the device was huge and it was too heavy on your pocket, too.

Sadly, with the release of the Pro, Apple didn’t announce a successor to the 2014 Apple iPad Air 2. No worries there, though as the company has today released a 9.7-inch iPad.

The new Apple tablet, called the iPad Pro 9.7″, is in essence a fusion between the super performance centric Pro and the ultra-light weight Air. We get the form factor and style of the Air combined with the power and feature set of the Pro.

The iPad Pro, as we said earlier, houses a 9.7-inch display. That’s almost elfish when compared to the Pro. Apple also flaunts the fact that the new tablet’s screen is 25% brighter, and is its least reflective screen. The display also features the new True Tone technology which matches the ambient light, giving you a more accurate color rendition. It comes in a variety of internal builds starting at 32 GB storage that ships at $599 all the way up to 256 GB (first time) in WiFi configuration for a much larger price-tag of $899.

The new iPad Pro also feature ‘Hey Siri’. It houses a 12 MP primary shooter which supports 4K video recording and a 5 MP front-facing camera.

Apple proudly proclaims that the new iPad Pro is “the ultimate PC replacement for all of those old PCs in the world.”

The new tablet from Apple will also support all of the Pro’s accessories including the Apple Pencil and external keyboards through a smart connector. We also get a new lightning S card reader and USB Camera adapter.

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