The days of mobile phones packing more than a day’s worth of charge are lost to technological dust. With the advent of the smartphones, the battery life of our most valued possessions hardly carries the device through a day. Now, LG has something new to offer to solve this problem.

The smartphone maker, in its latest release — the G5 smartphone, has incorporated a removable slot for the battery. The pictures leaked on Chinese social network Weibo reveal a cell, through which the battery can be inserted into the phone. The full features of the G5 smartphone will be revealed by the company at the Mobile World Congress to be held from February 22 to 25.

The battery add-on is speculated to include a 1100mAh battery, which will serve as a back up once the main battery gets drained out. This could also mean the primary battery might pack less charge than the one boasted by G4.


The battery slot is located at the bottom of the phone, which suggests that the back cover cannot be removed like its predecessor, the G4 smartphone.

The battery add-on slot has been named as the “Magic Slot” and was rumored to be in the making for a while. Earlier, a similar leak had revealed that the G5 will come with an additional camera module as an add-on. The camera attachment comes with dials and buttons and the accessory has been reportedly named as the LG Cam Plus. The battery add-on is also speculated to be attached to the same slot that has buttons for clicking pictures and other camera controls.

The other rumor going around the device is that the display will be on at all times, and will show quite a bit of information on the lock screen. The full specifications can only be confirmed when LG  will introduce the smartphone on Sunday, 21 February at the MWC.

The new removable battery slot might go well with the users, considering the smartphones insatiable appetite and might in turn be seen on other devices in the days to come.


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