Housing.com is today announcing the launch of Routing on its platform. Routing, as the name suggests, is a feature which allows you to search homes and properties based on commute time or on-road distance from any specific establishment like a school, workplace, hospital, railway station etc.

Targeted for buy and sell category, this feature is currently live on the website and available for home seekers in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata and Delhi-NCR.

Housing says, that it has introduced ‘Routing’ with a special focus towards home seekers who are new to a city and might be unaware of the geographies and demographics in different localities.

Nehil Buxy, Chief Product Officer, Housing.com says,

Our focus is to solve the pain points in home buying and selling in the real estate segment and bring convenience to the consumers. During our research, we realised that almost 30% of all searches in the real estate industry come from users who are not certain about the locality they want to live in. We are confident that ‘Routing’ will bring forth a new intuitive form of home search and ease the process of buying and selling for consumers.

Its time algorithm quality assumes average traffic during post office evening hours where mode of commute is by road. Post the soft launch a week ago the website has witnessed almost 40% surge in engagement (properties viewed per user) and 60% increase in conversions for buy in establishment searches. Housing.com currently receives approx. 2 lac unique visitors on monthly basis.

Interestingly, this new feature came of a 20 hour Hackathon which the company organised recently —  a trend which has increasingly gained importance among new-age Indian startups to venture out new features from their platform. This is a trend already religiously followed by companies as established as Google, Facebook and Microsoft in the valley.

So How Does it Work ?

When consumers are searching for a property through landmark input, they could specify the commute time from that landmark. Post this, the website will show a list of those properties that are within the requested time limit. Click here to view


Additionally, the consumers could also specify their preferred distance from the landmark and the website will then showcase only those properties which are listed within the specified parameters.

image006After surviving all negatives which came housing’s way post CEO Rahul Yadav’s exit, Housing recently received a fresh ₹100 crore breather from its single largest stakeholder and investor Softbank to focus on building newer products and generate increased revenues to turn cashflows into positive.

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