Google on Wednesday announced a very interesting new service it likes to call ‘Gmailify’. The new service will allow users of mailing platforms other than Gmail to enjoy all the features a Gmailer enjoys.

The company had last year allowed users of other providers to access their email through Gmail for Android. This feature was a huge success and Google says that they’ve been getting positive feedbacks from most users. The service was intended for people using Yahoo! Mail or but who didn’t want to go through the hassle of changing their email IDs.

Though, people could enjoy the smell of Gmail, they didn’t actually get a good taste of it. Most of the key features of the most widely used email provider in the world were missing. Sorting this out for us non-Gmailers, Google will now allow you to ‘Gmailify’ your account. This, in essence, is linking your non-Gmail account to Google’s mail service. The feature is still limited to Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail/ and it is strictly opt-in and you can separate your account(s) whenever you want.

Here’s the set of features that come in tow if you opt for Gmailification:

  • Gmail’s spam protection
  • Automatically sorting email based on type (Social, Updates, Promotions)
  • Faster search, with advanced search operators
  • Travel and hotel reservations appearing automatically in Google Now
  • All your mail in one place.
  • Better mail notifications on mobile

Enabling the feature isn’t much of a chore, too. Just open the Gmail app on your Android smartphone or log on to over the web, navigate to settings, select the non-Gmail account you’d like and tap on ‘Link Account’.

The service will be greatly popular among folks who love the freedom and sense of control Google provides but for some reason or another, aren’t willing to change their IDs.

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