InShorts, the Tiger Global-backed, globally one of the most heavily funded news aggregator apps, is today announcing the launch of ‘TOSS’ — a social notification feature which allows you to send notification for news items that you find notification-worthy to other users of Inshorts in your contacts list.

The team at Inshorts says, that the original idea of TOSS originated from the insight that every news app makes an editorial call on which news items they would like to notify their users about, across the board. With TOSS, Inshorts looks to democratise this and give the power to notify to its users.

The feature, apart from being interesting, also pretty much helps InShorts stand out from that cluttered news aggregation segment, which is seeing a new app debuting every other day. This feature will also add up to make reading news a lot more interesting, considering that you could send an immediate notification to virtually anyone in your phonebook, thus putting the power of content curation, right within your hands.

Talking about this new feature, founder and CEO Azhar Iqubal says,

We aim to build an ecosystem of informed and active audience through our unbiased news offering. TOSS will be our first step towards democratizing the news world and will be followed by few more exciting initiatives in the months to come. We are sure TOSS will be well received by the audience and take user base engagement to a new level.

More than 83,000 users have already adopted the feature within 3 days of launch. The app has well above 3 Million downloads on both Android and iOS platforms, combined.

Inshorts also recently rolled out a content recommendation engine in the app which powers My Feed – the default news feed for its users. The engine analyses the content consumption behaviour of Inshorts users and serves them lot more alternative content of their interest.


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