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It becomes tougher at times to remember appointments and commitments made over an email. Microsoft believes, Cortana has a solution at her disposal that could save countless professionals from unforeseen embarrassment, and it is using the voice assistant’s ability for the same, in a new feature.

Starting today, Cortana gets a new feature that allows the digital assistant to remind users about appointments and commitments made over an email. And Microsoft says, that the feature has been “carefully worked out” by its research team at Microsoft Research (MSR). The feature uses a technology, rightfully called natural language processing (NLP), through which Cortana will identify users voice and the date and time of the appointment.

Once the date and time of the commitment is near, Cortana will remind its users about the upcoming event by a pop-up message. Cortana also makes note of the date and time you usually work, and if any appointment is booked during this time, the digital assistant flags this appointment and asks the user if they would like to reschedule it.

The only disappointing part here is this feature is available for select users on the Windows Insider Program, for now. Microsoft is releasing this feature to regular version of Windows 10 sometime later. So if you are on the Insider Program, from today Cortana will make sure you never miss out on an appointment. Cortana’s knack might also be reserved for users in the domicile of US and UK only. Whether this feature reaches out to all Windows devices remains to be seen.

Microsoft had first revealed in December that it was working on a similar feature that allows users to set reminders through email on Outlook, which can then be synced to Office 365.

The feature was expected to be introduced on all platforms by January 2016 into Office 365. Now, the Redmond giant has announced that this feature will be released by March 2016.

But, with Cortana already getting the ability to remind users about events, the Outlook feature might be needed to be made a bit more diversified.


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