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It’s always great news when it comes as rumours about Apple products. The recent buzz in the tech world pointed towards a smaller variant of the iPhone 6S. We saw many different rumours about a smaller iPhone, some more believable than the others, but this most recent leak puts the others to shame.

M.I.C Gadget recently uncovered a video showing an iPhone, which basically looks exactly like the iPhone 6S, but has the form factor for the iPhone 5. You heard us right, the new iPhone seems to have a smaller, 4-inches (diagonal) display.

M.I.C Gadget claims that the device shown in the embedded video is a Foxconn demo unit. This means you won’t be getting your hands on this iPhone any time soon. For now, the specifications of this device are anyone’s guess, but it surely seems like it has a smaller display and the design of the latest flagship iPhone.

Here are the rumours listed by M.I.C about the aforementioned device:

The 4-inch iPhone 2016 model will include support LTE, as well as electronic payment system Apple Pay through integration module NFC. New iPhone will be have full metal body. iPhone will be available to choose only one color option.

The official 4-inch iPhone 2016 release date – March. Earlier, on the web a new 4-inch model called as the iPhone 6se, iPhone 5e, iPhone 7c. Please note that none of the rumors has no official confirmation.

The device will run on a processor A8, the amount of RAM is equal to 1.2 GB capacity of the battery will be 1624 mAh. Built-in memory will vary: only 8 GB. Price ??? We think real price started at $549 in USA.

While the above stated rumours aren’t, in any way confirmed, Its safe to assume that the new iPhone Mini (if I may) will not be hitting the markets any time soon. While some people might argue that the smartphone might be unveiled by the tech giant in its March event alongside the new Apple Watch, this is highly unlikely. The smartphone may come out in early September along with its brethren.

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