Google has always experimented with new features and updates on its platforms, letting users decide what sticks and what not. Some of the features get retained, while some get detained into oblivion. Keeping up with the tradition, Google has been quietly testing a new feature that allows apps to be installed directly from the search lists.

Users will no longer have to search for apps on the PlayStore, go to an app’s home page and then click install. Now users can simply click on the install button appearing right next to an app on the Google Search list.

Using the Google Search app on an Android smartphone, users can see a list of apps on the search list. By clicking install, the app will get installed on the smartphone, without the user having to visit the app’s homepage on PlayStore. However, this new feature might not go down well with those who prefer reading user reviews and an app’s information posted on the home page.

This feature however fits popular apps, reviews for whom are rarely checked by users. As for the many, users would want to read reviews before going ahead with the install option. Nevertheless, users still have the liberty to check for the app permissions through popups before going ahead with the install process.

The new feature is still in its testing phase and has been available only on select devices for quite some time. It remains to be seen whether Google does add this new feature as a permanent fixture or not.

This feature, as the case with so many others, might not work on Chrome. The feature is stipulated to be introduced only for the Google app on smartphones. It is reported that the feature has been available since a month now. It’s fairly recently that a lot of users have got this feature on their devices, which indicates the roll out of this feature into the next stage of testing.


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