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Nintendo’s First Smartphone Game To Come Out In March

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Nintendo’s president Tatsumi Kimishima wrote in an editorial for Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shimbun (via industry analyst Serkan Toto) that the company’s smartphone game will be out in March. This will be the first piece of software from Nintendo that runs on non-Nintendo devices.

According to the president, the Android and iOS app are a big part of his great plan to increase the company’s profits. He expects to generate $855 million profit in several years. This piece was a part of what he plans for the company over the course of 12 months.

The company had previously revealed in October that its first smartphone game would be a Miitomo, which is a social game similar to the company’s Tomodachi Life release for 3DS. The players can build an avatar for themselves call a Mii and use this to connect to their friends. This avatar will learn from the user over time and even visit friends without the user knowing about it.

It’s a strange social understanding from the company but we have seen previously successful games from the company with similar or even stranger concepts. These include games which were based on Animal Crossing, Tomodachi etc.

The main aim of Kimishima is to generate profits four times than the company got last year. The new plans account for this.

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